Alberto Tosi, working on the electronic design of microSPIRE detectors, was invited to give a lecture at ESSDERC 2018 tutorial “Autonomous driving: IC robusteness/reliability/readiness, sensing & mobility”. In his lesson “Towards single-photon counting LIDAR for automotive applications” he presented how single-photon detectors can be exploited for automotive LIDAR, a field where microSPIRE detectors will hopefully give a strong contribution.

Potsdam May 2018: best oral presentation and poster at ICSI/ISTDM 2018

Fabrizio Rovaris and Andrea Barzaghi, two Ph. D. students participating to the μSPIRE activities, have been awarded the prize for best oral presentation and poster at the ICSI/ISTDM 2018 conference!

Rome Apr 2018: microSPIRE @ the “Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei”

The “Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei” is one of the oldest scientific academies in the world being founded in 1603. μSPIRE use of plasma-enhanced epitaxy has been presented during the international congress “CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM PLASMAS:MATTER UNDER EXTREME CONDITIONS” held in wonderful Palazzo Corsini in Rome on April 5-6.


Como Feb 2018: the beauty of epitaxial growth!

The beauty and potentialities of epitaxial growth have been presented to high-school students Liceo Paolo Giovio and ITIS Magistri Cumacini. μSPIRE crystals raised the stirred up the curiosity of the participants (both teachers and students).


Stuttgart 12/12/2017: microSPIRE presented at the IHT colloquium

During his seminar at the Institute for Semiconductor Engineering – University of Stuttgart, Giovanni Isella presented the main objectives and challenges of μSPIRE.


Rome 20/11/2017: microSPIRE at the Italian FET-OPEN info-day

During the national info-day organized by APRE (the Italian agency supporting participation to EU calls) μSPIRE was presented as a case story of a successful proposal. Indeed the support we got from APRE has been essential during the preparation of the proposal.